Elements - the triplicity

Signs in Zodiac are traditionally divided into triples that share common element

  • Fire - ruled by Mars
  • Earth - ruled by Venus, Merkura and Saturn
  • Air - ruled by Mercury, Venus and Uranus
  • Water - ruled by Moon, Neptun and Pluto

Fiery signs are Aries (Ram), Leo and Sagittarius (Archer);
Earth signs include Taurus (Bull), Virgo and Capricorn (Goat);
Air include Gemini, Libra (Scales) and Aquarius;
Water include Cancer (Crab), Scorpio and Pisces.

Within each triple one sign is always cardinal (directive), second fixed and third mobile (modal); in the above list cardinals are marked by italics.
Each sign has three decans (decanates) by 10 degrees, in each the first emphasizes the base character of the sign and two following decans assimilate partial character of two same element sign that follow in Zodiac in their respective order. The last decanate means also the preceding sign's character of the same element (as this is always the same sign as the second following - in a group of three).
For example natal Sun in the first ten degrees of Crab means dealing with crucial attributes of the Cancer - emphasis on the roots of the existence, traditions, family, homeland, emotional depth. The same Sun in the next ten degrees brings some of the challenges of the next water sign which follows in Zodiac - it is Scorpio. This brings about a proper knowledge of the darker aspects of life game, profound sense of responsibility and sometimes for somebody even criminal gifts. This may be an excellent diver. Being born on the last ten degrees of Cancer opens the horizons of the last aquatic sign - Pisces, which may bring special creative gifts and geniality in musical spheres and also sometimes somewhat weakened will for reliability and commitments as they may have possibly been mastered in the previous decan.

The decanate position is equally important for all astrological "planets" including minors (asteroids and planetoids), fixed stars and fictive points like Vertex, Fortune or Lillith and must always be taken into account.

Triplicity - the shades within triples of signs are also calledmodality (cardinal, fixed, variable) and aside of this a very substantial feature of the sign (or position in sign) is the sign's polarity.

Positive (masculine, destructive), jang are fiery and air signs (6 overall), negative, feminine or jin (receptive) are earth and aquatic ones which cover the other half of Zodiac. The polarity is substantial for eventual relationships to be valid or strong between planets deployed on the projection circus - see aspects.