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Welcome to Prague astrology school and counselling Hvezda!

Pages for orthodox astrology, astrology consulting and educatory matters.

astrologie-spacerHere you can find answers to questions concerning astrology and the health, lifestyle, fitness, psychology, body-talk, physiognomy and related areas the way they are treated at astrology counselling and school Hvězda after two decades of everyday astrological service to our clients also based on the knowledge of old times now largely forgotten and unavailable to public. It was good fortune or destiny's favor for Hvezda's founder to become familiar with Prague castle archives of Rudolf II - the Holy Roman Emperor of late middle ages, a great supporter of occultism and famous scientists, alchemists and astrologers of the time - long before it was founded.
astrologie-spacerYou can learn about what are the important principles of astrology and its philosophic foundations. Basic facts about celestial bodies may be found here as well - who ever looks at the sky in these times of abundance of digital means?
astrologie-spacerYou will realize the concept of astrological signs and houses, the elements and modalities and understand the role of the celestial objects traditionally called planets by astrologers though they are frequently no planets from today astronomy's view. You may learn about astrological aspects and the importance of planetoids and asteroids. You will understand the basics of sky geometry and the dynamics of the orbital system in relation to the events deep bellow on mundane plains of Earth.

astrologie-spacerShould You be more ineterested in these matters, you may give us a vist in Prague near Nusle bridge - just call us or send us an e-mail..
You may also enlist to some of the tutorial courses of Univerzity Hvězda covering astrology, numerology and related sciences. Many of those who had once asked for personal astrology chart or other consultation to answer some important question went on studying in Hvezda and some of them are now experienced astrologers themselves.
astrologie-spacerThe pages lack glitzy flashing of "we always have had everything" banners yet You will find here a thorough knowledge based on proper educations and long years of service in place of that.
However the couselling and educative room itself does possess some of the glittering that makes the life nicer and people like to return here also because of simply feeling happy there.

astrologie-spacerMore about services that have been available continually since the foundation of Hvezda over twenty years ago can be found here.; in case of interest in education, just look here.
astrologie-spacerYou may call or e-mail us, to agree on consultation or a visit just to see what You may expect to get here.
This is charge free.