Astrology lessons

Astrology - lessons

Traditionally astrology lessons are being taught since Astrology School Hvezda was founded some two decades ago.

What can astrology students learn, how does the lesson look like and what is possible to achieve here? asked Ales H. (student of Hvezda).

The director-founder Eliška Landovská says:

Astrology deals with Sun, Moon and other solar system bodies relationships and motions and their reflections of the terrestrial events, our everydays life. The term "planet" has come from the Greek word "planetes" which means "wanderer".
Astrology is together with magics and alchemy the principal of hermetic sciences and is in direct relation to the other two. It is also the most discussed and visible branch of pratical hermetics, unfortunately very frequently presented in a prophane and too simplistic manner. In its roots the astrology was esotherical science dealing with relationships between macro-cosmos (the world) and micro-cosmos (the human) symbolised by the course and position of heavenly bodies. This is more appropriate to the therm astrosophy today.

The importance of astrology was summarised by the infamous statement of Hermes: "Happy is who can read the signs of time." These signs are in the first place heavenly constellations and they correspond with chracters and fates of individuals even whole nations, states and events in the Universe.

The astrology lessons provide students with thorough understanding of this domain. As the astrology comprises of several distinct regions the lessons depict their mutual relationships. That is why introduction to Tarot and numerology is also included. These can be studied separately and the individual lesson for any of them is very profitable as separate courses are much more copious. They may ammend the overall picture substantionally.

For those who want the complex knowledge the Univerzity Hvezda is a proper way.