Astrology school and counselling Hvězda of Elisabeth Landovska in Prague

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Eliska Landovska

Astrology school and counselling


Jaromirova 45

Praha - Nusle


cellphone: (+420) 604 479 804

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Quarter Age:
34d 22h 59m 59s
You can find Astrology school Hvezda here
How you can get here: by tram no. 24, 7, 18, 6 from Charles's square, Výton, Pankrác, Vršovice, Sporilov to the stop Svatoplukova
OR - from metro station line "C" (red) Pražského povstání by tram no. 18 to the stop Svatoplukova
eventually by a few minutes walk (includes long staircase) from nearby metro station Vyšehrad (line "C" - the red one). Not far actually, but the station is uphill, with the altitude of Nusle bridge highway (almost). The stairs may not be very safe in winter or rainy weather, otherwise it is quick way and nice walk (especially when descending). At the foot of the hill one has to cross the railway by underway (tunnel for pedestrians, with few stairs down and back to street level). You will emerge just in front of the school. For people with any walking difficulties the way around is possible, but quite long and usually not a good option, although perfectly safe.
Your car may be parked by fuel station Mol, in the adjacent streets or on paid parking place, just under the hood of the Nusle bridge. The Ostrcilovo square may also have some parking place available, but it is near the next tram stop towards Vltava river (west of the bridge). Almost all parking is standard Prague deep blue line parking scheme, which is paid from 8am to 8pm except on weekends. The parking meter posts should work with foreign car number plates (enter the number following the instruction on display) and payment cards, though this is not confirmed yet, the prices increments are quite unpredictable and when pressing "+" (plus) key to extend the parking interval it is best to stop well ahead of the expected progress as there is pronounced flywheel effect and you'll basically get charged more than intended or have to repeat whole procedure anew to avoid that. Most probably it is intentional, the max. parking time for blue line is said to be 3hrs. but the meter will not respect it and it will also ignore the end of has-to-pay daily range so say if you enter 60CZK at half past seven pm you will pay half of that for already free parking day time.
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Astrology Hvezda Prague - Contact info of School of astrology and counselling room Hvezda: Eliška Landovská Jaromírova 45 Praha Nusle 12801 tel. 604 479 804