Prague astrologer Elisa Landovska - Hvezda founder

Eliška Landovská
director of astrological school and consulting room Hvězda

* born 1962 in Praha
* founder and director of astrological school and consulting room Hvězda
* profound study of astrology a numerology since 1982 - seminars by ing. Petr Rastokin
* founder of astrological school and consulting room Hvězda in 1995
* tutor of eUniverzity Hvězda; authoring tutorial texts and teaching methodology for astrology, numerology and tarot
* record in WHO IS WHO

Astrology has always been her hobby as she had sound classical education at the faculty of theology and astrology used to be the latest thing in the times concerned. More than 30 years ago keen interest became a lifetime commitment. The important shift for her has been unique opportunity to study now publicly undisclosed books of Nicolaus Copernicus, Tycho de Brahe, Kepler, and other outstanding figures of royal court of emperor Rudolf II during the time she worked as gilie at Prague Castle.

"In the old times the astrology and astronomy used to be siblings respectful of each other", says Mrs. Landovská. "Long afterwards the astrology had already been occulted by astronomy and the modern astronomers feared that astrology could endanger the astronomy's status of a serious science, considering the way the astrology had become presented to public. Both disciplines have nevertheless been founded on the same grounds, and indeed - great Kepler was no less astrologer than a mathematician and astronomer … Astrological chart is essentially a map of celestial body positions at a particular time and the astrologer explains mutual relationships between the astrological planets and aspects they take in the chart on one side and the explained events or phenomena on the other."

Besides astrology, she is using numerology daily in her work, teaches Tarot card interpretation, gives lessons on body language and physiognomy and organizes various related courses.

Astrologická poradna a škola Elišky Landovské