Inner Partner

Animus, anima

He (or she) is that part of the soul which responds to projections of the seventh house of radix and is marked especially by planet Pluto and the relationship planets - Mars and Venus.
Inner (or shadow) partner is complementary to a soul embodiment; he shares the same karmic past with current incarnation, yet has (sometimes drastically) different experience from it as it's viewed from opposition. Man is subject to various challenges and tests in his life and has to deal with them according to his (her) capabilities, experience and vigor, he needs to act. In these trials other people are wizards and allies and yet others stand as opponents or enemies, rivals or also victims of one's improper acting. Inner partner always tends to view conflicts and injustice or matters of honor in strangely different light and very regularly he (or she) becomes an opponent or even our enemy. Our own enemies often seem to him less dangerous or even admirable.
Yet it is the inner partner who has a direct connection to the immaterial world, to the real behind our reality, at least in case this part of the soul is not too much deteriorated - either by the violence of its active counterpart or the effect of hard karmic wounds. It is this part of existence which bears wisdom of many incarnations and typically it is a source of inspiration and even intuition, the giver of the magics of "I know though I shouldn't have known". Similar to the queen of old ages It has the real power - though the king was who ruled - our inner partner to a great extent decides the success of our life.
It may be salvation in urgent need and it may also be spoiler of our relationship, may break every good plan and prevent happiness of life. Most frequently it is what we love and hate in our partner in life and the rule that states who is attractive to us and whom we surely need. It is the pattern to our subconscious tendency to rework our real partner to somebody else. For a woman he is very likely the same-stuff being with her father, for a boy an ideal woman so much resembling his mother.
An inner partner really does not live our life in place of us, however he or she is very much concerned with our current incarnation and our emotions; our experience will become his (hers) as well - the experience taken from the other side. Inner partner will never leave us - not till the end of life, unlike our life partner who may leave anytime. Also - inner partner is who really should be changed - not the real partner who has the right not to change a single thing on self for us. The inner partner should be the real target of our made-me-better plans for a partner. There are few good reasons why to change - and for the inner partner it is in the first place the karmic experience and sober view of sins undertaken. This part of our soul has so much better capabilities if it comes to making changes. In fact, it is much of the real sense of "I must change myself and I will!". You will never really change without the help of your inner partner. The only thing that can be achieved without at least lenience of inner partner is a schizophrenic state of mind - the open war with the inner partner. It is our will how much we may want to listen to counselling words of our partner, the words that may often seem mad or cynical and how much we accept her majesty's will - but remember - the planet is Pluto - this will always find its way through no matter how long it may take and no matter how great the pain is to be. It is our decision how much effort we put into negotiations with our inner partner and how much we invest in his education. Our partner used to live his own life before and will live another one again; he or she had made mistakes and learned from making mistakes - and sometimes still didn't learn well.
Co-existing with inner partner is a diplomatic mission with great subtlety, it is mastering the art of negotiation, destroying of biases - and really a long distance run. If you fail to care for your inner partner well then one of your next lives may be a nightmare - or you will simply wonder how much more successful are all other people around you without ever doing anything too much apparent for their success.

As to the relationships - you will always get such life partner that your inner partner allows for and you will never retain one who is much above the level of your inner partner. Most of the time you will never meet anybody better than is you inner partner. Make your inner partner better - or live your life and do not moan.

The inner partner is sometimes like small baby - or at least he is frequently handled alike. But whilst it is often more convenient and instant to pack your baby on your neck and carry him this way this "baby" never grows up. And the inner partner is never a baby really. This is all but proper approach to something which should be most valuable part of your soul. It is humiliating and prevents any positive progress too.

Remember - you will be in the same position one of your next lives.

The elements of Venus and Mars in our natal chart together with their aspects with Pluto may say more about how the inner partner is and what the inner needs are.