Myths as a reflection of astrology rules

Old myths of Greeks and Romans, as well as some of the fairy-tales, legends of ancient indian cultures, Hindu mythology, gods of ancient Egypt - these are all sources where connection with the science of astrology may easily be traced.
We may take ancient Greeks and Romans myth about Castor a Polux, winter queen's mirror as a reflection of Lillith in Virgo or a cult of Great Goddes as examples.
These traditions are generally related to the seasons of the year or directly with the motion of the planets (primarily Moon), eventually with the parts of the celestial sky.


Castor and Pollux - the divine siblings, born to Zeus by swan Leda, are inseparable brothers. Their life is full of joint adventures. They took part in Iason journey for Golden fleece, freed their sister Ellen hijacked by Thesseus yet before she could make a reason for the Trojan War. Castor mastered taming of the horses, Pollux excelled in combat and he scored this way in Iason crussade. After Castor was killed in combat with Idas and Lyncee (reason for the fight having been their fiancees or also horses taken), Zeus allowed both his sons to dwell together on the Earth and on the Olympus periodically so that they need not part.
Castor a Pollux are two brightest stars of the Gemini constellation and their story depict relentless conflict of human rationality and divine intution, the ambivalency of human nature, the contest between the will and conscience.